A Dot In The Blue Greece
Prepare for the best summer with more activities, and more fun. Enjoy meeting new people, sailing across mediterranean islands having the chance to introduced to new cultures and partying in isolated beaches under the stars and the moonlight.
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Plan your week
Day 1 – Leukas
Around 9 in the morning we will get together in the center of Athens, in the suntagma square in order to head for Leukas. The bus will leave us in the port of Leukas where we will meet our crew and board our boats for the week. We will get together and the organizer of trip will give a breafing regard the trip and the life onboard and introduce us to the skippers. Then we will have time to settle in the boats un-pack. During the afternoon we will have time to get to know the island, have a swim in a nearby beach and get some supplies for the week. After we are free to have diner in a Taverna to try the greek cousine or have a nice meal on board if we feel like trying our cocking skills. Finally we’ll end the day with our our initiation party and get to know everyone!
Day 2 – Kastos
On the morning we will set sail for the island of Kastos. We will have a 3 hours sailing trip where we will have the chance to open the sails and enjoy the waters of the Ionian sea. We will pass by Skorpios, the late shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis. We will stop for a nice refreshing swim in Kalamos and have something light to eat before making the last small sailing trip to Kastos.At Kastos we will have the opportunity to explore the little island and settle down in a isolated beach. At night we will dine on our boats, and then enjoy a private beach party.
Day 3 – Ithaka
After having our first swim and a full breakfast in the amazing blue water of Kastos we will follow Odysseus route to Ithaca! We will make a stop in the small deserted insland of Atokos, where it is highly recommended that you go snorkeling and sea all the sea life. Around mid day we will pull up our anchors and go to Vathi, the main city of Ithaki. It is a magnificent natural port with a tradicional city full of small tavernas and some bars. As always after diner we will get together and have some drinks in one of the bars.
Day 4 – Filiatro
After a good night sleep and a nice breakfast in the port of Vathi, we are of to a full day of water activities. We will anchor in one of the most amazing beaches that Greece has to offer at Gidaki. After enjoy the sun and beach will go a bit further down the insland to Filiatro. A nice natural bay where there is a quite beach. In the shore there is a small café/bar that will serve as our base for the night and there well enjoy greek cousine, have some wine and listen to good music until we are ready to go back to our boats.
Day 5 – Fiskardo
Once again we are visiting a new island, Cephalonia. Home of the Kalligas and center of the book/movie Captains Corelli Mandolin. If we set sail early we might make a stop to Agia Euthimia to eat and to refill our tanks with water. Early in the afternoon we will reach the port of Fiskardo. This is one of the most picturesque Greek port will visit. It is a very famous daytime destination with lots of shops and tavernas. Also it has great night life. During the stay at this port it is recommended we all go dressed up with our official t-shirs and take the city by surprise!
Day 6 – Meganisi
Today we start the journey of return. We will sail north to the island of Meganisi. During the trip we will make a couple of stops to enjoy the scenery and well have the chance to visit a cave that a greek submarine would hide during WW2. It is an amazing cave where beacouse of the deep waters the sea has unique colors. At the afternoon we will go to the quiet island of Meganisi where we will have amazing fish and will have the opportunity to dance with traditional Greek music. This will be a unique chance to show your crew what you have learned during this week.
Day 7 – Leukas
Early in the morning, around 9:00 we should all be packed and leave our boats. After having a nice breakfast and doing the last minute soulvenir shoping we will hop back to the bus and head back to Athens. Early in the afternoon we will have arrived to Athens and we’ll be ready to catch our flights back to reality.