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Sea and sun are the most important elements of Greece; with over 250 sunny days, and 70 percent of Greece being water. As a result, Greeks have always made the most out of the sea; expert seamen and good merchants have been around since 500 BC.

We are going to follow their steps and discover the magnificent Greek shores!!

Enjoy the deep blue waters, the clear blue sky and the summer breeze, by sailing in Greece. Spend 7 amazing days, on your own yacht and discover unexplored shores and hidden paradises. Sail around 4 or 5 Greek islands, explore their picturesque scenery, taste the delicious and original Greek food, and enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Meet amazing people from every corner of the world, and share fun moments with a bunch of cool people with similar interests. Dive in the crystal waters as soon as you open your eyes, keep yourself busy with a vast variety of activities, from scuba diving to yoga, and party until the early morning hours under the full moon. This trip will meet even the most demanding travelers’ expectations.

For a taste of our trips, please have a look at our photo gallery that will certainly get you dreaming.


Cheers to an amazing experience!



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